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Benzine container

Stainless steel benzine container with safety lid for cleaning, removing grease and rust with with flammable or toxic liquids.
In case of inflammation of the fluid, the copper fuse melts, the lid closes automatically and smothers the fire.
The closed lid remains under pressure, prevents the spread of toxic fumes and protects the health of the staff.
A special anchoring allows fixing the benzine container at the workplace, which prevents liquids from spilling.
Delivered with a cooper fuse and a gasket for the lid.
Delivered without basket.
Volume : 150 ml.
Size : Ø 98 x height 81 mm (closed).
Base size : 100 x 140 x 5 mm.



Stainless steel basket for the benzine container MSA17.305.
Size : Ø 85 x height 30 mm.

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