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The WATCH PROTECTOR from POLYWATCH® protects the watch effectively and durably thanks to its hydrophobic coating.
- Absolutely invisible
- Reduces fingerprints, water and grease marks on treated surfaces
- Facilitates cleaning
- Dirt, dust and oil repellent (oleophobic)
- Prevents light scratches
- Versatile protection also for digital cameras, Smartwatches and Smartphones
- Exceptional durability up to 12 months.
The application of the two-component system is quick, easy and leaves no bubbles.
Step 1 : Clean the surface with the cleaning wipe, then dry with a lint-free cloth.
Step 2 : Apply the product with the pre-impregnated wipe (labelled bag SEALER).
Step 3 : After 10-15 minutes, polish the watch with the provided microfiber cloth.
Contents :
- 2 bags of wipes (Cleaner and Sealer)
- 1 microfiber cloth
- 1 pair of gloves
- 1 instruction manual.
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