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As early as the sixteenth century, the mountains of Neuchâtel, the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, had a vibrant and enterprising community that traded with neighbouring countries (cattle, handicrafts, etc.). It’s likely that the harsh climate encouraged the early mountain settlers to form relationships far beyond Valangin’s borders, where they could buy what they needed to survive.

However, it was the increase in watchmaking in the late seventeenth century that made our region’s reputation. Growing recognition of local watchmakers’ expertise led to the development of a sustainable and prosperous industry, and eventually a rich cultural heritage. Material dealers soon followed to bring the skilled artisans the parts and tools they needed to make watches. Some were already supplying foreign repairers with springs, trains and the other parts or tools used in the nineteenth century. Watchmaking is still an integral part of La Chaux-de-Fonds, which remains the reference point for all professionals in the industry.

HOROTEC SA has been supplying parts and tools since 1946, continuing the local tradition with respect for the principles and values of watchmaking. Our technical developments have always sought to offer industry professionals innovative solutions in production or repair. Drawing on a global network of loyal distributors, we also supply parts and tools to watchmakers across the world.


With its thirty employees, HOROTEC SA distributes 14,000 tools and 85,000 replacement parts throughout the watchmaking industry in Switzerland and abroad. Our sales team regularly visits international wholesalers, manufacturers and subcontractors, with which we have very close relationships.

Our product range changes frequently to keep pace with changes in the watchmaking industry. Our production unit in Porrentruy, in the Swiss Jura, manufactures our range of tweezers and various HOROTEC patented tools.

We also have special partnerships with various manufacturers, for which we distribute products in Switzerland and around the world (including Witschi Electronic AG, Greiner Vibrograf, Moebius, Loctite, Euromex, Novex, Horia, Star, Elma, SIA, 3M, UMV, Energizer, etc.). We also distribute ETA, ISA, Ronda, FE, Miyota, Citizen or Seiko motion parts.

With over 14,000 products and 85,000 parts always in stock, HOROTEC SA is the undisputed leader in watch movements for the after-sales services sector.


HOROTEC SA actively participates in trade fairs such as TWS, EPHJ, SIAMS, CWCF (China Watch & Clock Fair) and supports its business partners at national events. A beautiful illustrated catalogue presenting all our watchmaking tools is available on request.


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