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Summer holidays !
  We inform you that we will be closed
from Monday 22nd July until Friday 2nd August 2024.

Visit our new website dedicated exclusively to Horotec Custom tools.
With this new concept, Horotec wants to break the traditional codes
of watchmaking tools. Click here

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Our latest videos :    MSA03.010  MSA03.011  MSA03.012  MSA03.602  MSA03.676-x  MSA03.678-x  MSA03.680-x  MSA07.131  MSA07.132MSA07.320MSA07.367MSA07.368MSA07.369MSA10.313 

Your worldwide specialist in tools and watch parts since 1946.

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MSA19.895  MSA01.505 MSA11.310 MSA03.603
MSA13.010-KIT MSA17.583-35 MSA24.603 MSA24.480
MSA01.020-C MSA13.010 MSA26.188-x MSA00.676-L




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